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Following an unscientific poll of contacts David Jenkins of i2i-management.com reports that most SMEs which he’s spoken to say that business is not as bad as it has been but still a long way short of being as good as it was before the recession started to bite. David spoke to a mix of retailers in Cambridge, exhibitors at the TOTAL packaging show and distributor contacts from one of i2i-management.com’s clients. Their faintly bullish outlook was matched by similar remarks from Cambridgeshire’s leading bus operator which is reconsidering plans to reduce the frequency of a number of bus services. (more…)


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i2i means industry to industry and describes companies which manufacture products and sell them to other companies.

i2i-management.com works with small and medium sized i2i companies to help them to run their businesses well. Its core competence is marketing in its broadest sense from the deeply conceptual work of pure strategy development to the hands-on nitty gritty of finding customers and making sales.

i2i-management.com draws on its experience in specialty chemicals and in production line capital equipment and in doing business both in the UK and world-wide. Its specific areas of expertise include industrial brand management, the management of third party sales channels and the development of successful teams.

Please bookmark this web-site. i2i-management.com will be adding material and providing links to other sites which it trusts will be of value to you as you run your business.

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