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This was going to be a post about pricing, it still will be, but it was prompted by my finding out about an organisation called Pricing Solutions. And thereby hangs a tale about why people make such a fuss about new media.

First the tale. I’m on LinkedIn and I was alerted recently to the fact that a prime contact of mine had joined the group ‘Pricing Solutions’. Sounds interesting; I respect my contact so if it’s good for him it’s good for me. I joined. (more…)


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It’s not a topic taught on marketing courses but it’s a tactic employed frequently and it really gets up buyers’ noses. It’s the tactic of making an offer but then ring fencing it with so many conditions that prevent many if not most consumers taking advantages of it. It might be ‘clever’ marketing by appearing to offer an advantage to the customer but limiting its hit on prices but it does annoy people, especially me. And actually it is taught on marketing courses, the ones which relate to corporate social responsibility and the related role of marketing. (more…)

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David attended an excellent IP seminar at the St John’s Innovation Centre (www.stjohns.co.uk) given by Suzanne Oliver of patent firm HLBBShaw (www.hlbbshaw.com)  last month. The seminar was one of a series organised by St John’s and supported by the Greater Cambridge Partnership with government money. There are more seminars planned but we need to be careful about making assumptions about a continuation of this funding. However David says that the seminars are useful and maybe it would be better if there were a small charge and if the Partnership had to fund some of the cost themselves. (more…)

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