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1279448_Wincor-Self-service-checkout---NEW_cmykI guess we all do it. We’re all consumers and we all have opinions. So we’re inclined to think that we’re representative of the population at large when it comes to experiencing products and services.

My latest gripe is self-service checkouts. I understand them. They’re about supermarkets and other stores saving money and, in theory, reducing checkout queues. Problem for me is that they do seem to penalise the shopper who only buys one or a few items.

That’s because the self-service checkout experience comes with an overhead which doubles or more the time taken. I really don’t need all the questions or special offers I just want to buy a few items and often it’s just one. And I would prefer not to have to wait for a someone to come over and allow the equipment to continue with my transaction. I am a few years older than the threshold for buying alcohol.

My particular gripe is when I buy a newspaper with a voucher.  Why can’t it be simply scan newspaper, scan voucher? But no. I also need to push 4 buttons and wait for a cashier to come and approve the voucher.

Is there somebody out there who can address this?


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