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To state the obvious your brand name is who you are not what you do.

I’m minded to write this because the gym I use has just changed hands and the new owners have seen fit to change its name. I’m puzzled that they should do that because it was an still is a stand alone business and presumably as its been bought there is now some goodwill on the balance sheet. This goodwill reflects the business’s customer base and the reasons behind its loyalty. (more…)


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Sometimes companTrusties really surprise you by exceeding your expectations and delivering service which you did not expect.

I lost my power cables for my laptop so ordered another one online. It said that the one I’d ordered would work on my breed of laptop and in fact it came with 10 different fittings. Problem is none of them did; work that is.

However in the documentation which of course nobody generally reads because it’s usually just health and safety information in 24 languages was a ‘quick installation guide’. Nothing much it could say really beyond plug into computer, plug into wall but there was a big footnote:

If the power adaptor is not working, get a compatible connector for your notebook (for FREE) at ‘trust.com/17469/freeconnector

I did. I filled in an on-line form and within hours got a reply promising to send me the correct adaptor and apologising (!) that it would take a few days because it was being mailed from the Netherlands and not the UK.

It came this morning and now I’m powerful again. Or at least my laptop is.

So full marks to Trust!

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I’ve blogged on coffee before. I’ve become a bit of a coffee bore, I don’t drink instant and I only drink a few cups a day. I try to drink good coffee and I don’t like coffee in mugs or on over-sized cups. In general I’m against the big chains and Starbucks is the worst but I do like Costa. (more…)

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There will no doubt be lots of articles written, case studies developed and analyses performed about the recent developments regarding the News of the World, News International and the phone hacking saga. And it’s still got a way to run, not just in the UK where it’ll get interesting at the Commons select committee next week, but also in the US. (more…)

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One of the compensations when driving in the UK is the opportunity to listen to Radio 4. This week I was in my car on Monday morning and got to listen to Andrew Marr’s Start the Week where one of his guests was Deborah Cadbury, author of Chocolate Wars, a book about Quaker business ethics and Quaker business history. Click here to listen again. (more…)

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Strictly speaking given my concern about what a brand is and is not this should really be about brand (or trade) names so I’ll try to be more careful in the following text. This is about brand (names) that become generics and the more recent practice of using a generic as a brand (name). (more…)

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Brands and values

Anyone who reads this blog and/or knows me will appreciate that I hold strong opinions about what constitutes a brand. I am firmly of the opinion that brands are the result of perception by customers and other third parties. They are not what the ‘brand owners’ say they are although they can clearly have an impact on that perception. (more…)

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