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Sometimes companTrusties really surprise you by exceeding your expectations and delivering service which you did not expect.

I lost my power cables for my laptop so ordered another one online. It said that the one I’d ordered would work on my breed of laptop and in fact it came with 10 different fittings. Problem is none of them did; work that is.

However in the documentation which of course nobody generally reads because it’s usually just health and safety information in 24 languages was a ‘quick installation guide’. Nothing much it could say really beyond plug into computer, plug into wall but there was a big footnote:

If the power adaptor is not working, get a compatible connector for your notebook (for FREE) at ‘trust.com/17469/freeconnector

I did. I filled in an on-line form and within hours got a reply promising to send me the correct adaptor and apologising (!) that it would take a few days because it was being mailed from the Netherlands and not the UK.

It came this morning and now I’m powerful again. Or at least my laptop is.

So full marks to Trust!


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