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Brands and values

Anyone who reads this blog and/or knows me will appreciate that I hold strong opinions about what constitutes a brand. I am firmly of the opinion that brands are the result of perception by customers and other third parties. They are not what the ‘brand owners’ say they are although they can clearly have an impact on that perception. (more…)


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In any competitive situation companies should be doing their best to describe themselves and/or their products (or services) in ways that maximise their chances of success. This is often described loosely as ‘positioning’ although the marketing purists might argue that when it comes to positioning a product all you really need to talk about are your pricing and performance relative to the competition. In fact this positioning is much more about ‘product’ in terms of the famous 4 Ps of marketing than it is about price because it’s about the company’s choice about how it wants its product, or itself, to be perceived. (more…)

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