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It’s not a topic taught on marketing courses but it’s a tactic employed frequently and it really gets up buyers’ noses. It’s the tactic of making an offer but then ring fencing it with so many conditions that prevent many if not most consumers taking advantages of it. It might be ‘clever’ marketing by appearing to offer an advantage to the customer but limiting its hit on prices but it does annoy people, especially me. And actually it is taught on marketing courses, the ones which relate to corporate social responsibility and the related role of marketing. (more…)


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Following an unscientific poll of contacts David Jenkins of i2i-management.com reports that most SMEs which he’s spoken to say that business is not as bad as it has been but still a long way short of being as good as it was before the recession started to bite. David spoke to a mix of retailers in Cambridge, exhibitors at the TOTAL packaging show and distributor contacts from one of i2i-management.com’s clients. Their faintly bullish outlook was matched by similar remarks from Cambridgeshire’s leading bus operator which is reconsidering plans to reduce the frequency of a number of bus services. (more…)

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